Thrift Style We Crave: Stephanie from New Jersey

Friday, May 8, 2015

This week we crave the thrift style of Stephanie from New Jersey. She fell in love with thrifting at the age of 13. Her aunt, a Master Thrifter, had a quirkly style that Stephanie admired. Her aunt became her mentor and Stephanie learned the art of thrifting first-hand.

 "I dress according to the way I feel and I just was in the mood mix prints and confuse some folks. People are afraid to this, so I decided to show them how it's supposed to be done."

What She Wore
Crop Top- Forever 21 (Thrift Store) $3
Rockabilly circle skirt- Vintage (Thrift Store) $10
Belt- NY & CO (NY&CO) $1
Shoes- Steve Madden (Thrift Store) $4  
Total: $18

Her favorite place to thrift: I really don't have a preference, but I like the more unorganized places, because I enjoy the thrill of the hunt!

Her favorite part of thrift shopping: I enjoy the hunt, yet I love that I've built a serious collection of thrifted fashion at a fraction of the cost!  I can look like I spent a fortune, yet not.

"My inspiration for this look came from the current trend of long kimonos and shorts, so I just put a flirty twist to it!"

What She Wore: 
Duster- Vintage (Change Is Vintage) $20
Cami- Forever 21 (Forever 21) $2
Shorts- H & M (H & M) $28
Shoes- Charlotte Russe (Plato's Closet) $8
Total: $58

Her most treasured find: My most treasured find...I honestly have too many to name.  I'm definitely a lover of unique & handmade pieces.  If I had to narrow it down, I love VINTAGE pieces the most.

"I was inspired to wear this outfit because it was gloomy outside and I just wanted to add some sparkle to my day."
What She Wore
Top- Vintage (Thrift Store) $5
Belt- NY&CO (NY & CO) $1
Jeans- H & M (H & M) $5
Shoes- Steve Madden (Thrift Store) $4 
Ivory Bangle- Vintage (Thrift Store) $0.50
Total: $15.50
Her number one tip for thrift shopping success: My number one tip to thrift shop is, know your measurements and fits that work best for your body. Also, you can't always go off the size tag, items could have been altered, so knowing your measurements and traveling with a small tape measure can be time & money saving.  It can be challenging to try on items at thrift stores, so wear  the "thrifting uniform" i.e. tank, leggings and slip on shoes.  Easy to slip items on, to check fit!

What do you think of Stephanie's style inspiration? Which look is your favorite?

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