So Stylish: ColorBlind

Monday, January 30, 2012

This week's So Stylish Spotlight is Shana of the blog ColorblindI love thrifting so Colorblind is one of my favorite blogs to link up on Monday's for my weekly Thrifters Anonymous Meeting. It's a great way to be inspired by other thrifters in the blogging community. I hope you enjoy our interview!

Tell us about your blog ColorBlind.

Hi, I am Shana from Colorblind. I am not actually colorblind but in a way I guess I have been blind to see color around me. If that doesn’t make sense, then maybe if you saw my closet filled with black and grey, you would see what I mean.

Without making everyone totally sad and depressed, I will quickly say that after my fashionista of a mom passed away, I was literally reaching for a connection to her. I had recently married to a man I call hubby, Mr. Kilbourn or Yo (ha ha). I had 3 animals--2 labs named Sophie and Sampson, and a cat named Sasha-- all in a new home. It was then I decided that while I may have lost someone special, I didn’t have to lose myself in the process. So, I threw all of my clothes away that I didn’t like or couldn’t fit it, and began to share my life, my inspirations, and my personal style.

When did you first fall in love with thrifting?

I did not really fall in love with thrifting until about a year ago, exactly when I started my blog. Our family used to go to thrift stores all the time but I never thought it was cool. I was actually embarrassed. But now I realize that I just didn’t know what my style was or who I was as an individual. When you know that it doesn’t matter what the brand is, or where it came from you just know what you like! You know what I mean? I started thrifting at age 12, but I didn’t really fall in love or truly appreciate it until now. 

Why do you think the social stigma of thrifting has gone away? 

I do not know if it has completely gone away. I danced ballet and played the viola for years and it definitely not cool, until shows like Glee and So You Think You Can Dance. Being creative or an artist meant you were a dork! 

Is thrifting here to stay?

I think thrifting is always going to be around. Lately we have found a way to identify thrifting to something vintage. It is no longer old but considered vintage, so now everyone wants in! While everything is not vintage, the quality of the clothes made in the 50’s, 60’s or even 70’s was impeccable. They did not fall apart after one wash.

How often do you go thrifting? 

The key to thrifting is to go often, though you have to be picky and precise. Know your thrift stores and pay attention to the days and deals. For instance going to Savers on a Monday means you can take advantage of a 50% off tag and a $.99 tag. Wednesdays at Goodwill offers a 25% off and 75% off! Set a small budget and try to stay under. If you follow these simple rules, you can go once a week and not break the bank. Remember just because it is thrifting, doesn’t mean you don’t spend as much money as you would at the mall, you will way more jackets, shoes, purses and dresses…or is that just me?

What is your favorite or most treasured thrifting find?

I have some amazing finds, especially blazers and jewelry. But some of my favorite finds have to be my vintage Dooney bag that I found at Savers for $12; my olive green lace DKNY skirt; and my vintage (50’s, 60’s) brown and black dress and the vintage white one I wore for New Years this year, both from Goodwill, both under $8!!

What are your top tips for thrift shopping?

I grab some magazines and start tearing out anything that inspires me, colors, styles, or even people (stars) and I take them with me! You will be surprised how your eye magically goes to all of the items you chose! I write down a list of the items I definitely want to find i.e. jean shirt, yellow skirt, lace dress and give yourself a budget ($30 is what I usually say)

I wear comfy tight clothes.. gym clothes are the best and flip flops or something with some color, when you try things on sometimes you get the best combos and ideas from what you are already wearing, and try them on over your clothes…dressing rooms are too small and often crowded!

Either wear a belt, or grab some belts, even if you don't want to buy any. They can make any dress, skirt, or top look amazing and really help you decide if it is a piece that will work

I TRY ON EVERYTHING over my clothes in front of a mirror, honestly I just hate being in the dressing rooms and I feel like I can talk with photographer extraordinaire about the find.

And that brings me to the last and most important thing I do, I NEVER go alone. I mean the best part about shopping is being with someone to share in the high you get! Bring a friend to discuss fit, get you out of something you are stuck in, tell you how ridiculous you look, or help you weed through what you chose before you check out!

What's HOT at ColorBlind?  

Every Monday I host a ThriftersAnonymous Meeting where everyone can share their thrifty, crafty, or “I got it on sale” goodness. I just celebrated over 50 meetings and I am beyond humbled by the amazing women and men, believe it or not, who have personally emailed me to let me know that they have been inspired in some way or another through “attending” meetings. Join in every Monday and link up! 

I am really excited to begin volunteering with an incredible non-profit program called Dress for Success here in Las Vegas. Their mission is to provide disadvantaged women with professional clothing, career counseling and professional development. It is so important that we realize that often times how we dress reflects how confident we are. I have said this before, but thrifting removes the stigma that you have to be a certain way or look a certain way to wear a special brand or type of clothing. A thrift store is filled with so many brands, sizes, generations of clothing, and in the end, all that matters is what fits and what inspires you!

I have been asked by many friends and family if I would host a styling and shopping session and I think I will begin to dive into that world. I would love to write a column answering styling questions or just beauty topics…and I have been talking about this for some time but very soon you will begin to shop my closet! I have had two closets break on me, and I now realize I must find a new home for some of my pieces…Thank you to everyone for their support and to you Miss Kay Cee…it is women like you that inspire me daily..knowing that there are women out there celebrating fashion through a different light, no matter who you are!

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Thrifty Thursdays: Black and Gold Polka Dots

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Photo Courtesy of Lily Kai Vintage

I purchased this amazing dress from Lily Kai Vintage. From the moment I saw it, I fell in love with the black and gold polka dots, the puffy sleeves and the sheer insert in the back. I just may turn it around and style it by wearing the sheer insert in the front. How do you think it would look?

When my package arrived, it was nicely wrapped in tissue paper along with a handwritten note. Such a sweet and personal touch. I suggest you check out Lily Kai Vintage to see what fabulous fashion you can add to your wardrobe. Everything is an additional 50% off so it's the perfect excuse to go shopping.

So Stylish: Lily Kai Vintage

Monday, January 23, 2012

This week's So Stylish Spotlight is Kristen of Lily Kai Consulting & Vintage Boutique in Atlanta, GA. I had the pleasure of meeting Kristen at our first Fashionable Atlanta Bloggers Meetup.  She had such a pleasant personality and sophisticated style, that I immediately made her my BBFF in my head. Like me, she adores vintage fashion and this is reflected in her online boutique. I hope you enjoy our interview!
Tell us about Lily Kai.
Lily Kai is a full service consulting and vintage boutique. We offer clients personal shopping, styling and closet restoration services. In 2009 we launch our vintage boutique. 
What inspired you to start your boutique?
I’ve always wanted to own a boutique and when the opportunity presented itself I stepped out on faith and launched LKV (Lily Kai Vintage).  
My goal is to bring affordability to services like personal shopping and styling. So many people need help in this area but feel that it is so far out of reach. Whether you need help pulling together the perfect outfit for a job interview, looking to redefine your personal style or edit your closet Lily Kai Consulting & Vintage Boutique was created to help individuals ultimately feel comfortable and confident with their style.

Who is your target customer? 
We target fashion-loving women between the ages of 24-35 who are looking for something extra special to hang in their closets. Lily Kai Vintage has something for everyone. I handpick everything and if wouldn’t wear, I don’t buy it.
What types of products do your carry?
In the beginning it was all about dresses for LKV; I love a great dress but over the years we’ve expanded the collection to skirts, pants, blouses and of course sequins.
What is the price range for your products? How can we shop with you?
We have a price point for everyone with items starting at $15 and can go upward of $200. The majority of our collection ranges from $25-$40. Currently you can only shop Lily Kai Vintage Online and by appointment.

What sets you apart from other boutiques?
Me! I know that might sound funny but it’s true. Everything about Lily Kai Vintage is centered around my life and who I am as a person. I select every piece of clothing, every package has a hand written note inside from me (my mom always told me sometime a note can be and even greater gift). Lily Kai is who I am and what I strive to be. Just like our signature statement…Where style is always in full bloom. And I hope our customers feel that when they shop with us.

What's HOT at Lily Kai?
There is so much in store for Lily Kai in 2012. Quarterly trunk shows; the first one is scheduled for March (TBD). Lily Kai wants to offer our customers a personal touch so we will introduce virtual shopping. Clients can make an appointment where they can get up close and personal with the merchandise. Sometimes a picture online just isn’t enough and I want to make myself available to answer color, fit, styling or whatever questions someone might have.
Currently, the entire Lily Kai VintageCollection is on sale 50%. We are making room for new Spring merchandise and clearing our racks. Customers can enter STORE50 at checkout. The sale ends Wednesday, February 29th!
With all that is in the works for Lily Kai we are also looking for an intern. If you or someone you know please send a resume to

Be sure to check out her blog Lily Kai and follow her on Twitter too!!

World Swap Day Atlanta

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What I Wore: Dress- H&M (Value Village Atlanta)/Shoe- Talitha by Sole Society/ Tights- Hue (TJ Maxx)
This weekend we celebrated World Swap Day Atlanta at B & R Thrift Store. The event was sponsored by and The Swapaholics and hosted by me & Virtuous Styls.

Although it was raining cats and dogs and we had a tornado watch, the party still went on. We had close to 40 swappers that joined us for the celebration, including some members of our Fashionable Atlanta community.
Baby Shopaholic, Fashion Without Guilt, Bustin Out the Seams, Lexi With The Curls and If I Were A Brit Girl
Here are a few pictures of our ladies showing off their favorite swaps.

 For more pictures from our event click HERE. Now, here is a closer look at what I wore:

We had such a great time celebrating World Swap Day Atlanta. I am so thankful to everyone who supported us throughout the planning, promoting and execution. Can't wait to do it again. 

How did you spend your weekend?

Thrifted Trends: Cognac Leather Skirt

Thursday, January 19, 2012

What I Wore: Top- Willow Ridge & Skirt- Interim (B & R Thrift Store)/ Necklace- (Loehmann's)/ Shoes- Steve Madden (Marshalls)/ Purse- LV Speedy 30 (Louis Vuitton) 

I wore this outfit yesterday to tape a preview story for our World Swap Day Atlanta event this Saturday. Since it was a cold day in Atlanta, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to wear my leather cognac leather skirt. I must admit this skirt was initially selected for one of our Happy Hour Thrifting members, but it was not the right size for her. So I welcomed it into my wardrobe. I love that it is a pencil skirt plus it has high waist too!! Also pairing it with a soft, silk blouse makes the look very lady-like. Don't you think? 

Well enough about my outfit. Please be sure to check out our feature story, which will air this week on 11 Alive News with news reporter Valerie Huff. Not in the Atlanta area? No worries, I will post a link on my blog. 

Here are a few pictures from our taping today:

Racks of clothing for the shop and swap!
World Swap Day Atlanta event organizers. Kerrie of Virtuous Styls and me.
It's interview time!
I thought my outfit would be a good color to wear for the camera! Plus I am really trying to add a little more color to my wardrobe. Are you, like me, guilty of always wearing black? It's such an easy, sophisticated color to wear. What is your go-to-color of choice?

Thrifted Trends: Lady In Red Pants and Leopard

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What I Wore: Top- St. John's Bay (B & R Thrift Store) seen HERE/Pants- ACT III(B & R Thrift Store)/Clutch- Shirl Miller LTD(B & R Thrift Store)/Shoes- Steve Madden (Marshalls)

I wore this to church on Sunday and then to my brother's Birthday Brunch. The entire outfit is thrifted, except the shoes. I really have a hard time thrifting shoes. I wear a size 9 and of course I see every size except the size that I need. I must admit red is not one of my favorite colors, but I wanted to try out the red pants trend. It was a minimal investment and after seeing these pictures, I don't look too bad in red. I may have to add a few more red pieces to my wardrobe. What do you think? What color is lacking in your wardrobe?

***updated for Bloggers Do it Better Red Challenge. Click HERE to see how other bloggers styled red.

So Stylish: Kori's Sweet Sixteen

Sunday, January 15, 2012

What I Wore: Blouse- Sans Souci (TJ Maxx Dunwoody)/ Skirt- H & M (Value Village Atlanta)/Watch- Michael Kors (Macys) 
This week's So Stylish Spotlight is my styling assistant Kori. She has been working with me for almost one year and I am so proud to see how she has blossomed into such a fashionista. This past Saturday she turned sixteen.  I along with her closest friends and family joined her for a Sweet Sixteen dinner celebration at Pappadeaux's Seafood Kitchen in Marietta, GA. Here is a look at the Sweet Sixteen fashion. 

Kori looks like a princess in her copper colored babydoll dress with black bolero jacket. 

Ayana is wearing a long sleeve black lace top and black harem pants.

 Jasmine is wearing a black sequin tube top, mini skirt and textured leggings.

Kelsey is wearing a black mini skirt and over-sized grey sweater.

Charlei is wearing a black floral mini-dress and black jacket.

What I would do to be sixteen again?!?! Those were the good ole days!!
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