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Thrift Haul of the Week: Summer Tops + Vintage Dress

Friday, May 19, 2017

As summer approaches, I knew that I needed to add some summer tops to my wardrobe. Because whenever I have to out for drinks or a quick run for ice-cream, my honeydoo prefers that wear jeans and a blouse, instead of dresses. I take it as a signe, that maybe he is tired of seeing me in dresses. So this trip, I decided to focus my thrift shopping on blouses only. However, blouses at Goodwill are priced at $5.99 and dresses are now priced at $6.99 a price increase from $6.36. So for an extra dollar, I would prefer to buy a dress. It makes getting dressed so much easier. So I ended up going home with four tops and one dress. I knew it would be a hard task, so my thrift sister came thrift shopping with me to make sure I stayed focused. She even helped me to pick out some of the tops. She actually went over to the dress section to pick out the vintage dress. I guess she felt a little sorry for me because she knows how much I love dresses.

Thrifting Tips 101: Use Your Smartphone

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Don't Forget Your Smartphone
Your smartphone is one of the most important tools you can use to be a successful thrift shopper. I use mine all the time to check prices for items, so I can be sure that I am getting the best bang for my buck.

How do you use your smart phone while thrift shopping?

What I Wore: Vintage Pleated Midi Dress

Monday, May 15, 2017

One of my favorite days of the year is Mother's Day! It's the designated day of the year to celebrate my mom and let her know how much she means to me. I hope that you great Mother's Day too, no matter the circumstance. Whether you spent the day with your mom, spoke to her on the phone or reminisced about the sweet memories you shared with her, always celebrate your mom on Mother's Day!  

Our usual tradition is attend church, then go out to eat brunch at her favorite restaurant Adele's Cajun Experience. Well this year her favorite restaurant, became the favorite for everyone else, because their Mother's Day brunch was completely booked a week in advance. I was bummed but I was able to get reservations at Brine's Seafood Shack, a restaurant that I thought she would love.  Let's just say, being from New Orleans, we are very harsh critics when it comes to seafood.

Of course, I love getting dressed for the occasion, so I wore this vintage pleated dress that I scored from Goodwill of North Georgia, Decatur location. This dress was the color tag of the day, so it was an additional 50% off. My final cost was under $4. When I first saw this dress on the rack, I fell in love with the print and the pleated skirt. It is so lovely. I styled it with my satin Nina strappy sandals, also thrifted for only $3.


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