Thrift Haul Thursday: Park Avenue Thrift Store Duluth

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I stop at the thrift store at least 2-3 times a week to fulfill my thrift wish list and also to see what I can add to my closet (or yours). When deciding if I will purchase an item, I always think about how I will incorporate it with my current pieces. If I can't make the item into an outfit immediately or I don't know how I would style it, I will not purchase it. This is a great way for me to keep my closet filled with pieces that I love.
So this Thrift Haul Thursday's finds were scored from Park Ave Thrift in Duluth, GA. I scored two blazers and an Atlanta Falcons Jersey. Below are the pictures along with my plan for styling:
Green Blazer: I plan do a colorblock look with the blazer. I am thinking about pairing it with cobalt blue and radiant orchid or cobalt blue and yellow.

Plaid Blazer: This blazer is perfect for styling with dark denim jeans. Plus it will be great for doing a mixed prints look, either with navy and white polka dots or a floral navy print.

Atlanta Falcons Jersey: Ok so here is the story about this purchase. I am one of 2 die hard Saints fan in my office. So to show how much bleed black and gold, my co-worker and I agreed to the do the following when the rival teams play: 
  • If the Falcons win a game, I have to wear Falcons colors or a jersey.
  • If the Saints win a game he wears Saints colors or jersey.
So I am getting ready for the upcoming football season, just in case the Falcons win a game. I have my favorite former Falcons Jersey on hand. LOL
What have you thrifted lately? Which one of my pieces are your favorite?

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