Thrifted Trends: Green Blazer and Cobalt Blue Jeans

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Green Blazer- Kasper (Park Ave Duluth) $4 
Cobalt Blue Jeans- GAP (Park Ave Outlet Woodstock) $1

Clutch- Mossimo-(Value Village Roswell) $3
Shoes-My Shoe Diva $19

My look was inspired from Alicia Keys  Instagram post a few years ago. I loved everything about her colorblock outfit, especially the green blazer. I made it my goal to find thrifted pieces to re-create her look. 

How did I do? Where do you find your style inspiration? 

Whould you like to comment?

  1. Spot on! You look great and the colors suit you well. The blazer fits like a dream.

  2. Almost an exact replica - Nice! I get my inspirations from everywhere... people I see on the street, at work, church, etc., Google, Youtube, blogs, mannequins, store flyers, etc...

  3. You nailed it and look Great in your green blazer.