How to Wear A Vintage Midi Dress

Monday, May 4, 2015

While thrift shopping, do you often pass on buying those frumpy looking midi dresses? I admit that most of the time they do not have any hanger appeal. Plus they can be a bit tricky to see the vision on how to wear them. They are so comfortable and perfect for the season. So here a few tips on how you can make that frumpy dress look more sultry!

Dress $5- Santiage (Park Avenue Thrift Duluth) 
Shoes $28- Michael Kors (Island Thrift Brentwood ) 
Purse $5- Louis Vuttion (Goodwill Johns Creek)
Total $38 

Choose the right length- Select a dress and pay close attention to how it fits you. A midi dress by definition is one with a hemline falling halfway between the knee and ankle. A good tailor can alter your dress and make the look just right. Petite women will look their best in midi dresses that hit just over the knee. While taller ladies, like myself can wear them longer.

Select a style that buttons down the front- Midi dresses (and skirts), especially with a bold print and buttons down the front are more stylish and less frumpy. You can keep the top button unbuttoned to show a little cleavage, while leaving the bottom few unbuttoned to show a little leg.

Wear tall heels- Tall heels will help elongate your legs, making you look taller and leaner. Plus it will combat the frumpy look. To really amp up this look, add a pair of chunky heels for an unexpected style statement. 

Is the midi dress on your thrift wish list? 

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  1. I love the entire outfit and I can't believe you scored that purse at Goodwill! I've never found anything like that at our local Goodwill. Awesome!

    1. Thank you Alli for the sweet compliment! Yes that purse is one of my most prized thrift finds!

  2. Goodwill in my area does not ever have good looking clothes. I love wearing long dresses but since I'm 5'3 it is hard to find ones that are not too long. You look very pretty in your dress!

    1. Lou what area are you in? Maybe you can venture out to another side of town or visit your Goodwill more frequently. Thrifting is like a treasure hunt, you will find something soon. I promise!

  3. The outfit is awesome. I am told about the great buy Park avenue thrift stores has some great finds. Goodwill I have never try yet.

  4. Thanks for the sweet compliment. Yes I really like shopping at Goodwill and Park Avenue. I have some really great pieces from both of them.