Let's Talk Thrift: Park Ave Thrift Outlet Woodstock Review

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

THE BACKGROUND: Park Avenue Thrift is one of the main thrift store chains in the Atlanta area. There are eight locations, including two outlet stores. Items in the thrift stores are priced individually at various price points. A color tag system is used and every day, except Sunday, selected color tags are 50% off. The sale color tags are rotated weekly.  Additional ways to get discounts include the following:

Text List: If you sign up for their text list, you will get exclusive 50% off coupons for additional discounts via text message.

Senior Citizens: If you are a Senior Citizen (or have access to a Senior Citizen), shop on Wednesdays. Senior Citizens save 50% off their purchase.

Items in the outlet stores start at $2.00 each on the first day of the sale week. Then the price goes down a quarter every single day. On the last day of the sale week, everything is just only 25 cents.

Park Ave Thrift Outlet Woodstock, 9740 Main Street, Woodstock, GA 30188

Monday- Saturday 9am-9pm
Thursday 8am-1pm
Sunday 11am-8pm

Friday $2.25
Saturday $2.00
Sunday $1.75
Monday $1.50
Tuesday $1.00
Wednesday 50 cents
Thursday 25 cents

THE SCOOP: This Woodstock location of Park Ave Thrift Outlet is a must-visit thrifting spot. If you are a thrifting newbie, you may be overwhelmed. I would advise taking a friend who can help you navigate the store and stay on task. The daily price point may convince you to by more than you need. So having an accountability partner, may help you stay on track. From vintage to modern, junior sizes to plus sizes and all the seasons, plus household items too.

THE SIDE EYE: Because of the price point at the outlet, you will encounter customers who are buying in bulk, especially on the days leading up to Thursday. So do not frown if you do not get the Southern hospitality you would expect. Just know they are thrifting with a different purpose in mind. Although this store does not have a dressing room, there is one "dressing room" mirrors placed along the wall near the handbag section. I would suggest wearing your thrifting uniform i.e leggings (or a skirt, dress) a close fitting top and shoes that are easy to slip on and off. This will allow you to try on clothes without getting undressed.

THE ACTION PLAN: I would suggest going on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. My favorite day is Sunday, because it is very calm and I always feel like I have the store to myself. The selection is also better. As it gets closer to the 25 cents day, the gems that I want may be gone. I also set a budget of $15 and bring my budget in cash, so that way I make sure that I shop strategically and only get items that I need.

THE SCORE: Green Blazer (Park Avenue Thrift Store)/ Cobalt Blue Pants (Park Ave Thrift Outlet-Woodstock)

Will you add Park Ave Thrift Outlet-Woodstock on your must-visit Thrifting Atlanta list?

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  1. Absolutely LOVE this run down. I have always wanted to check out this location, and after reading this review, I want to even more. Thanks for sharing.

    thrifting diva