Thrifting Tips 101: Shop the racks near the fitting rooms

Monday, December 16, 2019

SHOP THE RACKS NEAR THE FITTING ROOM. Most thrift shoppers know that as a courtesy you should not shop from the rack of merchandise that employees are bringing to the floor. But do you shop the racks near the fitting room? 

If not you are missing out on the gold mine of treasures you may find! Be sure to stop by and shop the racks near the fitting room. You will be surprised at what you might find. Think about it for a second. Most shoppers try on clothing that they are interested in buying. Most likely these are items that made the must-have list and are seen as the best of the best to try on. The good news is you now have a chance to shop these pieces without doing all the work of shopping the store. It's similar to having a personal shopper. 

Do you shop the racks near the fitting room? What did you find that you loved?

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