THRIFTY THURSDAYS: Three Style Rules You Can Break

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stand out from the crowd! Create a look that is all your own! Some style rules are meant to be broken....right? If you are ready to be a fashion rebel, start with these three style rules.

1. You can't mix prints. I admit that breaking this rule is somewhat of a challenge to do effortlessly. But the end result is always such a chic, stylish look. My advice is to choose a dominant color and make sure both prints have that same dominant color. Need some inspiration check out my two favorites below and Everybody Everywear.

Image Courtesy of les Beaux et les Belles

Image Courtesy of Sunday Crossbow

2. Take Off An Accessory Before Leaving the House

Ok this is one rule that I will have to work hard at breaking. I always play down my accessories. But since learning about the term “arm party” and participating in the Bloggers Do It Better Arm Party ChallengeI have been inspired to step out of my comfort zone. These are two of my arm party inspirations.

3. Don't wear white after Labor Day. The rule of thumb is avoid summery fabrics and choose the right hue for fall, like an off-white. One celebrity who lives by that rule is Lisa Raye (see pic below). She wears white every day of week, in any season of the year.

What is one style rule that you are willing to break?

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  1. EXCELLENT arm parties, my friend! I like to break not wearing black and brown together. Now, I do it on purpose!

  2. I am going to try to break rule #2! I normally just wear a watch and a bangle. These were good tips!!

  3. I love accesories!  Mixing prints is tough so I may stay away from that.  I am down for winter white!

  4. @babyshopa you always have fab accessories whenever I see you! Yes I agree with you mixing prints is a bit of a challenge...but it's worth a try. And white in winter is sooo chic. It makes a style statement.

  5. Love the mixing of print and am a big fan of watch with tons of bracelets!


  6. I'm all for breaking rules!!! All of them! I feel like when you make your own rules, your more comfortable in your skin and confidence=style!

  7. i wait until after labor day to START wearing white ;) haha. i'm all abt breaking rules and making my own. 

  8. Great post! I think that if you have a good sense, you can break every rule. you just need to be careful.


  9. I wear heels all the time and I'm 5'10. Not sure if it's a hard fast rule, but it's something that I've been told NOT to do.

  10. Mixing prints is tricky but I will do two very subtle patterns/prints together.  I love white any time of the year!

  11. I'm a huge believer in mixing prints and 'arm party'. And best believe that I will be rocking white after Labor Day this year. Not a game.

  12. @lavender_chic  I love that you are a fashion rebel!! Can't wait to meet you in person at #IFBcon

  13. Yes I agree with you mixing is very tricky!! Oh yes and let's wear white whenever we damn well please LOL

  14. @livelifeinstyle I was in Dallas a couple of weekends ago and yes it's too hot..I would wear white everyday too!!

  15. I will like to try the mixing of prints...I'm just not that confident yet.

  16. I love all of these - especially the white rule! I'm going to break it for sure.


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  17. Congratulations on your Chic Friend Friday post with Style Chic 360!
    I can definitely do 2 and 3! Gotta work on #1. I am trying :)!

  18. I loveee print mixing!  While its not something that I always do because I don't own a lot of prints it one of my fav things to see ppl incorporate into their outfits.


  19. I recently found your blog and you have such great style!! I'm not some great fashionista (baking is my thing) but I love love fashion.  I do like to try and be fashionable but in my own way.  Yourself and some other great bloggers are helping me not to be afraid to branch out and try new things.  I always have thoughts in my head about what I wanted to wear but was too afraid.  However, after seeing you wonderful ladies (and some gents) I'm not so afraid any more!!  Plus, I have been finding out about all the cool places to shop here in ATL.   I knew there were shops and boutiques around here but wasn't sure of where to even start!! :-)

    Thank you!!

  20. Shoot I definitely ignore the last one. Living down here in Houston, it's so darn hot, they better be lucky I don't wear white all day everyday here! haha.
    of Live Life in


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