Fabuless Thrifter: Cheap but Chic

Thursday, May 31, 2012

This week's Fabuless Thrifter is Tabitha Sewer of Cheap but Chic. She was recently introduced to thrift shopping by a co-worker about a year ago. Tabitha says that she used to actually turn her nose up when it came to thrifting as the thought of wearing a stranger's clothes was not too comforting. 

Her favorite place to thrift is at Thrift City in Newport News, VA where she racks up on blazers and jumpsuits that would cost over $30 each in a retail store. "The most exciting thing about thrifting is when I actually put the articles of clothing together, people think I spent so much on my clothes when in reality, my entire outfit is between $2-$20," says Tabitha.

Her Fabuless Look:
Vintage Earrings: $7 Cheap But Chic Earring Line
Necklace: Thrift Store: $1
Flower: Claire's (Purchased long ago)
Blazer: $1 Thrift Store
Tank: $5 Charlotte Russe
Jeans: (Purchased long ago)

Her favorite piece:
My favorite piece of this out fit is probably my gold antique necklace.  If you follow me on my facebook blog "Cheap but Chic", you'll notice that I wear the necklace in almost evey outfit. LOL!  I just love it.

Her inspiration to wear this outfit:
When I think about Chanel , I think about the very popular vintage Chanel tweed suits.  I love the classic look of these suits and I wanted to put an outfit together that was urban, yet classic at the same time.  So I paired the tweed blazer with a pair of skinny jeans and to make it a bit more classy, I found the black rose laying around my closet that I purchased years ago, and decided to add it to the blazer.  People always think that this blazer is from some expensive department store but guess what guys, it was only $1.

Her most "fabuless" find:
My most fabulous find are my light blue YSL jeans for $6.  YSL jeans are hundreds of dollars and I never imagined that I would ever own a pair that are actually on trend.

What do you think of Tabitha's fabuless look?
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  1. Awesome!  Thank you for choosing me!

  2. Dimepiece OnaDimeMay 31, 2012 at 9:46 AM

    love her!!! Tabitha is great!!

  3. You are welcome! I love your Chanel inspired look!