Blog Fab Fashionistas Tweetup at Shula's Grill

Monday, October 15, 2012

Dress-Ark & Co (Goodwill North Georgia)/ Clutch- Spoiled Diva
The Blog Fab Fashionistas were tweeting it up again at Shula's Grill. As always, we have great food, fabulous fashion and great conversation!! Check out the pics below and be sure to join us next time!

The Blog Fab Fashionistas
Founder of the Blog Fab Fashionistas, Oh Nikka & her Hubby

The Spoiled Diva, Me and Virtuous Styls doing our thang!

Serial Thinker and Soo Soo Tasty

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  1. Great dress! Very sexy :)

  2. your dress is beautiful!! And that bag is fabulous!!

  3. Yes, to the DRESS!!!!!!

  4. Thanks!! Efie
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