Fabuless Thrifter: Style Chic 360

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Top: $6 (Old Navy)/Jeans: $10 (Thrifted)/Shoes: Gifted (Bakers)/ Blazer/Cuff Necklace: $10 (Thrifted) 
This week's Fabuless Thrifter is Inez of Style Chic 360. Based in Detroit, Inez shares her passion for fashion by inspiring her readers to mix resale and retail pieces to create very stylish and thrifty outfits. Especially this featured outfit which is less than $30.  "I knew pairing the blazer with the animal print would really pop," she said.  "I tried to create a fun eclectic outfit...and I loved the way it turned out."

Where is your favorite place to thrift?
I love thrifting at Value World, I always seem to find something whenever I go.

How long have you been thrifting?
I have been thrifting for a little over a year and half.

What's the most exciting thing about thrift shopping?
For me it's definitely the hunt, you never know what you'll find while thrifting and that is the best part...finding those hidden treasures. 

What's your most "fabuless" find?
There are so many…hmmm, lets see. I did thrift an authentic vintage dress with the Int'l Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU) tag, I was pretty excited about that one! Which reminds me, I need to wear it! It was a great find for less than $5. 

What do you think about her Fabuless Look?
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  1. Thank you so much for the feature!

  2. TRUE! She's has a great eye for thrifting and I haven't got a chance to thrift with her yet but .... Great feature and love the blog

  3. awesome Inez! Great interview! And to only be thrifting for a year, wow! I love your style, very chic and classy but your gives you that powerful edge!

  4. I cant believe you got that blouse for 6 dollars!
    Love the heels too.

  5. Oh wow, great heels! And that yellow jacket is so awesome!


  6. Yessss... I LOVE Inez & her style!!!! I can never find jeans at the thrift store maybe I should start a jean mission! Tehehehe...


  7. Yes thrifting for jeans should be an adventure all it's own!!
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  8. Yes those heels are the bomb.com

  9. Its a thrifted treasure!!

  10. Yes she is such a pro at thrifting!! I love her style too. www.twostylishkays.com