Thrifted Trends: Polka Dot Dress

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Polka dots are one of my most favorite prints. It is a timeless classic print perfect for any season and any occasion. It's very feminine and never goes our of style. So that makes polka dot prints a must-have staple that every woman should own. I am always drawn to this print whenever I am thrifting. I have polka dot blazers, tops and dresses. So I really did not need another polka dot piece. But this was 1/2 price at Goodwill Grasslands location, so I paid $3. It retails for about $24. This is why I love thrifting! Retail looks from resale pieces.

Dress $3- Forever 21 (Goodwill Grasslands) Buy similar HEREHERE
Necklace $18- No Label (Funky Flair Boutique) 
Shoes $6- Forever 21 (Goodwill Johns Creek) Buy similar HERE
Clutch $10- Vintage (Diva Diva Boutique)
Total $37

Do you own any polka dot pieces? What is your favorite piece?

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