Thrift Wish List: Christian Louboutin So Kate

Friday, August 21, 2015

I heart designer shoes and accessories. So my thrift wish list includes a pair of So Kate Christian Louboutin shoes. These shoes combine a classic look with a touch of sexy! They are a great transition piece too, because you can wear them for business, social or a casual event. That skinny delicate heel is just beautiful too. I stalk my favorite designer consignment store Alexis Suitcase everyday hoping that a size 40.5 will appear in the store just for me. They are usually priced about 60% off the retail price. Which is a steal for such a quality, luxury and timeless shoe. Also, I calculate the cost per wear of the shoes because the true price of an item is determined by the number of time you will wear it. The formula is very simple math: Divide how much an item costs by the number of times you will wear it. So I plan to wear it at least 2x per month. So at the end of a year, my "cost per wear" is $20. Now that's a bargain! Until I am able to score my dream shoes, I will continue to look for style inspiration from my favorite bloggers.

Emily from The Sweetest Thing

Claire from Fashion Bomb Daily

Stella from Jadore Fashion

Linda from LovLinda

What item is still on you Thrift Wish List? Do you use cost per wear when deciding on a luxury purchase?

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  1. Oh so kate always upgrade the look they are so flawless