52 Weeks of Thrift // Week Two: Pink Sequin Sweater under $6

Monday, January 14, 2019

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This is Week Two of my 52 Weeks of Thrift Challenge. Last week, I stopped by Goodwill North Lawrenceville during my lunch break. After shopping around for a few minutes, I picked up a  couple of items that I loved. But the only piece that made the cut was this hot pink sequin knit sweater. 


The Purchase: Express Tricot Hot Pink Sequin Sweater. This is a brand from the early 90s , so now it is considered vintage. I was so excited to this sweater because it reminded me of my high school years when I shopped at Express. It was one of the first stores I fell in love with because their style was classic and quality made. So I am always drawn to this brand when I am thrift shopping. 

First Impression: I was attracted to this sweater because of the sequins. Also the fact that it is a knit sweater. This makes is a unique statement piece that would make it a central part of what I call my festive wardrobe. It will also make a great layering piece too.

The Plan: This sweater will definitely get worn several times. Pink is one of my favorite colors. I can wear it often especially for my sorority events, Valentine day and breast cancer awareness month, just to name a few. I even plan to wear this sweater very soon to my brother's birthday dinner this weekend. I will most likely pair it with the leggings I purchased during Week One and some tall black boots. I can wear it under a blazer or on top of collared blouse too.

Monthly Budget

Monthly Budget Spent (Number of Items)
Week One- $13 (3)
Week Two-$6 (1)

Budget Available

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