52 Weeks of Thrift // Week Three: Fuzzy Sweater, Palazzo Pants and Vegan Leather Pants under $20

Monday, January 21, 2019

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This is week three of my 52 Weeks of Thrift Challenge. I invite you to join me on this strategic thrift shopping plan to help you buy what you love, quality made and wardrobe worthy. I started out with nine items, including some items I wanted to wear to a 70s Birthday Party. I ended up shopping my closet for my outfit instead and bought the following three items.

The Store: Goodwill Covington

The Purchase: Juicy Couture Fuzzy Sweater. Buy same HERE

Retail Price: $44

Thrift Store Price: $6

First Impression: I saw the texture and the pop of color and it drew me to this piece. I know the Juicy Couture brand is quality made. Plus the item still had the retail store tag. Great indicator that the item is brand new and never worn, except being tried on by customers.

The Plan: This sweater will be put on replay several times this season. I can wear it with skinny jeans, leggings and even a pencil skirt too. It can also be layered on top of collared blouse too.

The Store: Goodwill Covington

The Purchase: Palazzo Wide Leg Pants. Buy similar HERE

Retail Price: $20

Thrift Store Price: $6

First Impression: I saw the neutral color and knew that I needed it for my wardrobe. It is a classic style that will make styling options limitless. Plus the material makes it an easy piece to wear. I hate ironing so these palazzo pants are perfect for my busy lifestyle.

The Plan: These palazzo pants can be worn through so many seasons. I can wear it with a fitted top and a long duster, blazer or denim jacket.

The Store: Goodwill Covington

The Purchase: Blank NYC Bond Pants. Buy same HERE

Retail Price: $98

Thrift Store Price: $6

First Impression: When I saw these pants, I thought they were skinny leather pants. After looking at the care label, these pants are vegan leather made of Polyurethane. Which is just as fab as leather. The brand BlankNYC is sold at Nordstrom, so again another quality made item, 

The Plan: These pants are another classic piece for my wardrobe. It can be considered a staple item, that every woman should have. It can be worn through several seasons and for many occasions too. 

Monthly Budget

Monthly Budget Spent (Number of Items)
Week One- $13 (3)
Week Two-$6 (1)
Week Three- $18 (3)

Budget Available

Which item is your favorite?

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