Thursday, May 19, 2011

by Kawana Coulon

Those who frequent thrift stores always have a favorite item for which to shop.  Ask any thrift store shopper, and they can usually tell you what order they shop in.  For me, it's jewelry, shirts, bottoms, dresses, then jewelry again.  That's right, I start and end at the jewelry counter.  There are always great vintage finds, usually only $1.99 at Goodwill.   Here are a few that I have purchased recently.

I have so many more and can never get enough.  It makes me happy just to go in my jewelry box and know that I found these precious accessories that add an exclamation point to anything in my closet.  I always imagine someone bringing these to the thrift store with the idea that they are no longer relevant.  And then I come along, buy them, and believe each time they are worn, that these special pieces have so much more to give.

Whould you like to comment?

  1. I love all of those earrings! I have quite a few vintage thrift finds from my late grand mother.

    I also went thrifting for my first "adult" time and had a great time. I didn't have much time, but next time I go I have to check out the jewelry!

  2. @Inez of Style Chic....360
    Yes Inez, check out the jewelry counter next time you go. We have a couple write-ups with thrift tips. Check them out. Headed to your site!

  3. I love earrings, too. They are so much fun.

  4. @sacramento
    Thanks, they are fun and always keep me feeling like a lady.

  5. @kileen
    Thanks so much for visiting our site. I frequent yours all the time. Glad you liked these.

  6. I like these vintage earrings! Very cool :)

  7. Amazing collection i love thrifting you can find such a treasures!!

  8. These are absolutely stunning! LOVE all things vintage - i've got similar ones to the blue & gold - gorgeous!
    Doughnuts & Denim the Blog

  9. @Dominique W
    Thanks Dominique, they are treasures. I love them!

  10. love itt! i really have a thing for vintage though

  11. Great finds. I go for everything from earrings to bangles and belts. Seeing your treasures helps me determine what's a good purchase.

  12. Nice earrings, I liked all of them..They can suit on any dress. I specially liked the gold earrings

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