It Takes a Village

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

by Kawana Coulon

Dress-Carmen Marc Valvo (Thrifted)/Jewelry-Trendz, Gifted

Being a therapist for adolescents is such a reciprocally transformative process.  Most tell me, “you are doing so much for these kids.” While I never want to underestimate my role and responsibilities in this challenging work, I recognize that my kids inform my existence in immeasurable ways.  They teach me not to take myself so seriously all the time.  They view life’s circumstances with a great sense of hope.  They demonstrate an inspiring sense of resilience despite not always having “the best” or not being given “the most.”  They have such an innocent perspective of the world.   They are willing to take risks without worrying about failing.  They openly accept love and extend forgiveness to those around them. 
Even with these remarkable character strengths, we should never underestimate a child’s need to be surrounded by unwavering support, high expectations, and uncompromising values.  These ideals cannot just happen by way of a few individuals having scattered interactions with our youth.  We have to intentionally wrap every child with positive regard-whether parent, neighbor, relative, church member, friend, mentor, etc.  This list is infinite.  Hopefully, you are already taking ownership for thrusting a child's life forward.  Go ahead, be a part of the village.   

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  1. Most interesting words, and adorable look. I want your earrings so badly.

  2. @sacramento
    Thank you kindly. Great little shop on Magazine Street here sells wonderful jewelry.

  3. You look really pretty. Love those earrings!

  4. High Heels, Good Meals
    Thank you! I guess I have to put these earrings on a bit more.

  5. Omg you are so pretty! I love this color on you! Is it like a cinnamon? Great on you!

    Live Life in Style

  6. Beautiful have such a great smile.


  7. @Shasie
    Shasie, such a sweet compliment. Thanks! And yes, the dress is a cinnamon color.

  8. @Dhalia Rodriguez Edwards
    Dhalia, we continue to work on these photo skills. It isn't easy I tell you.

  9. What a great post! Thank you for sharing! You look absolutely stunning.


  10. @The Powder Room
    So nice of you to share Ash. Headed to your site now.

  11. Cute dress. Is it long or short? I love the beading on the shoulder. Even as an educator I share you sentiments. I'm not just teaching from a textbook. I recognize that most of the kids I see aren't receiving unwavering support, a push to reach high expectations, and being taught uncompromising values.I'm hoping to become a licensed therapist after completing my doctoral studies.

  12.  not to take myself so seriously all the time that is really hard to do...but a mother can do it.