Midnight Lasts but a Minute

Thursday, May 5, 2011

by Kawana Coulon

It  is inevitable that we all face challenges in life.  Whether financial, professional, relationship, health, etc., at some point our lives may feel controlled by the circumstance(s) around us.  I believe that most of us accept these periods of hardship as part of the circle of life.  This belief is based on clichés like “I won’t complain because it won’t help” or “same story, different day” or “I’m just trying to make it.”  But what happens when we begin to feel that these challenges are beginning to define our identity and mentality?  We wake up and go to bed thinking and wondering when will this pass.  Why hasn’t this gotten better?

Even I, over the past year, have been flooded with a seemingly insurmountable circumstance.  Indeed a year seems like a long time.  However, I recently heard someone say, “midnight lasts but a minute.”  This statement got me thinking, not about the hardship, but my perspective of it.  Yes, darkness and night last several hours; but midnight, 12 a.m., is only sixty seconds.  The peak of any darkness is short-lived.  We just have to get through it with a focus on the next period, daylight.
We may not be able to change our circumstance, but surely we can shift our thinking about it.  In the midst of the hardship, begin to encourage yourself; know your worth; declare yourself a conqueror.  Determine your thinking to be fixated on the other side-the next season.  It can and will be better.  And when you get there, be careful to relish in it.  Be cognoscente of Who got you there and who served as unyielding vessels of support.  Meditate on your strengths and how you have endured in past times; after all, they were “midnights” too.  Of course, you are capable of being surrounded by peace again.  Joy and peace can be experienced even during the “midnight moment.”  If only you think it so. 
Therefore friends, the challenge for us is to stand firm in renewed, positive perspective.  Change your thinking, change your life!    

Friends, how do you accomplish peace and retain joy during your "midnight moments?" We would love to hear your story!

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