Tuesday, May 10, 2011

EBEW: Give Me Flowers While I Can Smell Them

Blouse- (Thrifted)/ Pants- New York & Company/ Shoes- BCBG/ Watch- Michael Kors/ Bracelets- Tiffany & Co.

I remember my grandmother would often say this to people in passing after the loss of a loved one. Simply put, it means love on those you care about while you have a chance. In the haste of everyday living, we take so much for granted, including those people who sustain us.

If you take a moment, it is without question that you could think of many people who support you through challenging times; make you laugh to get through a rough day at work; happen to be there anytime you call; and know exactly what to do or say when the moment counts.

Do they know what substance they add to your life? If your answer is a casual 'yes' then maybe they do not. Now is the "perfect time" to give them the acknowledgment of your appreciation. This may change their perspective of what regard they have in your life. Take it from my grandmother, give "flowers" while it matters.

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