Trying Versus Doing

Sunday, May 22, 2011

by Kawana Coulon

I always get a little nervous when someone speaks about 'trying' to change a behavior, especially one that they are keenly aware is negatively impacting their life. 'Try' is a word so routinely utilized to describe our intentions that it has lost its meaning.  It used to represent sincere effort; you could believe someone if they expressed a willingness to try.  Nowadays this claim could be as good as null.

Know that a person's way of thinking generally impacts their behavior.  The thinking associated with trying leads an individual to be tentative in his or her actions (or maybe not act at all).  It is as if the word allows room for failure.  'Try' is a contingency plan for backing out of a commitment to improve one's life.

Instead of 'try,' just do.  Doing is purposeful.  It is committed action with a goal in place.  It implies no desire to relent or change course based on difficult or unexpected obstacles.

What a different world we could create for ourselves and others if we trade in our "I'll try" thinking for genuine "I am doing" work.  Children would be less disappointed; couples would be more connected; individuals would feel a greater sense of accomplishment; elders would feel less abandoned; communities would thrive together; and faith in one another would increase.

Friends, share with us: What do you want to stop trying and instead need to do?

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