"Blue and Green, Only on the Queen"

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Skirt-Kristin Davis (thrifted)/ Top-Notations (thrifted)/ Shoes-Steve Madden/ Earrings & Bracelet-Monet/ Watch- Michael Kors

I was told that the above quote is an old British saying about what fashion exists only for royalty.  It got me thinking about rules, fashion or otherwise, we hear all the time that we conform to because it has been told to us for years. 

We begin to believe by virtue of what people say that you will never be _____ because you are from ______; you are destined to be ________ because your family is _______; you should never wear _______ because you are too ______; you should consider _______ because everyone else is ______. 

How easy is it to just exist in a box according to how others define our lives instead of courageously existing in concert with who we destine ourselves to be.  So get rid of the limitations others place on you and color your life as you deem appropriate.

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  1. Very pretty!

  2. Gorgeous! I'm loving you ladies' style. I'm following...cant wait for the next post!


  3. @Prissy Aww.. We appreciate the follow and the compliments!!

  4. Absolutely adore this look!!!!


  5. I loves to color my life girl. Even a little pop of color makes me feel destined for greatness! Love the way that you mixed these blues and greens. FIERCE!