Trinidad Carnival Re-Cap #1

Friday, March 2, 2012

What I Wore: Dress- Mossimo (Goodwill of North GA- Alpharetta)/Shoes- Moda (DSW)

So I am finally back from a much needed and well deserved vacation. My next few posts will give you a glimpse on the festivities that I indulged in during my time away from home. My intentions were to complete these posts while I was there, but let's just say I got caught
Anyway, here I am on the streets of San Fernando, which is the second biggest city in Trinidad. It is also my birthplace. I remember shopping the stores with my mommy when I was a little girl.

I ran across this very chic boutique that stood out like among the other stores on High Street. It's name, BANG BANG, and the clothing selection was very impressive. 

On a funny note, my cousin and I unknowingly met the manager the day before at Haagen Dazs (she took a pic of my cousin and I which I used for this blog post HERE)..I tell you Trinidad is so small!! I also did a short video, about my shopping trip to BANG BANG, but the quality was too bad. So all I have to show is this picture....But trust me, their selection of clothing and accessories was simply amazing.

After a little shopping, we boarded the Water Taxi to Port of Spain so we could pick up our carnival costumes. The Water Taxi is a quick mode of transportation to the island's capital of Port of Spain. It's $15.00 TT ($2.50 US) each way.

These are my cousins Marvin and Anton. Don't they look thrilled to be hanging out with me..LOL

Isn't this a relaxing view? Just beautiful!! Sweet Sweet TNT!!

We made it safe and sound to our destination and then headed to the Yuma Vibe mas camp to pick up our costumes.

A few pics of downtown Port of Spain...

And finally, picking up our costumes...

Stay tuned to see how I rocked my costume...LOL

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  1. OMG, I so want to visit Trinidad. It looks like you had an amazing time!