Thrifted Trends Fall 2012: Oversized Coats

Friday, September 28, 2012

Coat- Madeline by Alorna (Back By Popular Demand Consignment)

I truly love Fall fashion. It is by far my favorite time to update my wardrobe, especially after I scored this vintage oversized coat. It was only $1 at the Back By Popular Demand Consignment Dollar Sale

Thrifting for coats is one of the best ways to save money and look stylish during winter. You can try out so many styles without a huge investment.

Always consider what you need most in a coat before purchasing, or else it will just sit in your closet. You should ask yourself the following questions: Will this be my everyday coat? Will I wear this coat for special occasions? Do I need a coat with a hood? Can I wear a chunky sweater under this coat?

This coat is definitely for special occasions, like a holiday party or haute fashion event. It is too memorable to wear often. Are you thrifting for a winter coat? What style are you hoping you can score?

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