Stylish Review: Shopatico Virtual Wardrobe Organizer

Sunday, December 29, 2013

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The end of the year, is the perfect time to purge your closet, organize your favorite pieces and of course a great excuse to go shopping for new pieces too. \

As a personal shopper, I have been very busy helping my clients do their end of year wardrobe audits. But I am always looking for ways to help me visually manage their wardrobe and then show them how to mix-and-match pieces to create outfits. 

So imagine my excitement when I was asked to review Shopatico, an online website where you can keep track of your wardrobe, online purchases, wish lists, create outfits and share it all with via several applications including social media platforms too.

When you register for Shopatico, you can start building and managing your virtual wardrobe using one or a combination of the following ways:

  • Email Shopatico your online purchase confirmation and they add those images to your closet.
  • Upload pictures of your clothing or pictures of you wearing your favorites outfits to your closet.
  • Add the Shopatico Selector to your tool bar and while window shopping online and add those images to your closet. 
You can now share your virtual wardrobe with other Shopatico members (and your social media friends too!), get style inspiration and where to buy info too.   

Here are a few looks I created to share with you!

This dress is a recent purchase from Diva Diva Boutique. But I added a necklace while window shopping online at Nasty Gal. So now when I am ready to purchase, I just go to my virtual closet to complete the sale.

Click HERE to see this in a new window

This is a vintage sequin blazer that I added to my want list. From here I can share it on Facebook or start a new look in my closet.

If you like to organize your closet, need some style inspiration or create wish lists to send to loved ones, I suggest you sign up for Shopatico. I am really enjoying it and I think you would too!

How do you keep your closet organized? Do you currently use a virtual organizing system?

Disclosure - I received compensation from the company mentioned above for this review. The views expressed above are my own, honest opinions and any claims should be verified on the sponsor's site.

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  1. *sigh* I purge but my closet is really in need of help! I have clothes and shoes with tags on them because I really have not arranged them right. My plan is to have my closet redone by the end of 2014. I will check out this site, Shopatico, because I could use any help I can get to organize my closet!! ;)

  2. Shonda..I understand the struggle too. I learned a long time ago that organization is defintely key in being able to get dressed quickly, not over buying while shopping and having a beautiful closet too lol