Events: Thrift Sisters Google Chat Hangout March 6th

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

This past weekend Wendy of Just Jewels 4 U and I met up with Ayana of the Thrifting Diva to check out the thrift scene in San Diego & Beverly Hills! After a year of meeting virtually, chatting on the phone and collaborating on blog posts, it was such a pleasure to meet Ayana in peron. She planned a fun weekend for us including a bus tour for us and a few members of her Thrifting Divas group.

We visited a total of eight thrift, consignment and vintage stores in San Diego and Los Angeles! So YES as you can imagine, I spent my entire February, March and April budget.

We are hosting a Thrift Sisters Google Chat Hangout- Thrift Haul on Friday, March 6th at 8pm EST to how you our favorite thrifted fashion scored during our visit. Please click link to join us for our thrift haul-->>

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  1. So very happy that I got to meet you and Wendy in person. Definitely looking forward to my trip to ATL! Get ready for me. lol.

    Thrifting Diva