Thrift Style We Crave: Jumpsuits

Monday, July 27, 2015

It is no secret that I am a bit obessed with jumpsuits. They are my go to look for any occasion because they are comfortable, versatile and easy to style. They also make a statement and most likely you would be the only one in the room wearing one. It's like wearing a red dress to an all-white party, a bit of a rebel but getting all the attention. Whether it is a short or long, I am always on the search for one or two or three. I always suggest to my clients that they need to add a jumpsuit to their wardrobe. When selecting one, make sure it fits well. Believe me there is one just right for you. Try it on, move around and absolutely do the sit down test, for obvious reasons of course. The jumpsuit is a grown up version of a newborn onesie. Here are a few looks from some of our favorite fashion bloggers. You can use them as style inspiration when you are shopping for the must-have staple for your wardrobe.

Ayana of Thrifting Diva

Genae of Fashion Junkey 

Wendy of Just Jewels 4 U

Do you crave jumpsuits too?

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  1. I've never worn a jumpsuit but these look so stylish and fun!

  2. I've never worn a jumpsuit but these look so stylish and fun!

  3. You are much better at jumpsuiting than I am.

  4. What happened to your girl Ayana at of Thrifting Diva? I noticed she has not posted anything since April. You all know how to rock those jumpsuits.



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