Two Stylish Kays: THRIFTY THURSDAYS: Thrifted Fall 2011 Trends

THRIFTY THURSDAYS: Thrifted Fall 2011 Trends

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thrift stores are a mega-house for the seasons hottest trends. I find it so hard to buy retail when I can find the same piece resale. Plus my mom is so quick to boast, "I used to wear _______ (insert any item) when I was your age". 

In a previous post Secondhand Style , one of my thrifty tips encouraged thrifty to experiment with a new style or the season's hottest trends. The latest must-haves trends, were must-haves in the past and then end up in the thrift stores. Why not take advantage of this cycle and try thrifting for a few trendy pieces. It is an inexpensive investment to try out a certain look! Plus you are guaranteed to not have the same look as anyone else. Thrifted trends make a style statement!

My top trend to thrift for this season is the CAPE. It screams sophistication. It looks so warm and cozy. I recently experienced my first (and hopefully last) bout of thrifting envy, when I saw a fellow thrifter score an amazing hooded cape. Yes I am on a mission now!! I will find one soon.

Tahari Capelet

I also want a pair of COLORED PANTS. Red, pink or mustard yellow pants, either will be the perfect pop of color on a cold wintry morning. I already have a gorgeous red velvet maxi skirt, but my wardrobe is lonely without a pair of bright colored pants.

Image courtesy of

Lastly, I am searching for a pair of LEATHER SHORTSLeather is one of my fall staples! I need a pair of shorts to complete my leather wardrobe capsule. I plan to pair my leather shorts with a soft pussy bow blouse and textured tights. Shorts make a perfect alternative to the mini skirt.

Image courtesy of The Fashionista Next Door

What trends are you thrifting for or did you already score an amazing piece? Is there is certain "trendy" piece that you would only buy resale vs retail? 


  1. nice post and gr8 blog, come check awt my fashion blog and lets follow each other like twitter :)

  2. You are so right about the thrift stores with the new trends.  It has been tough to find the bow blouses in the store, but I found two thrifting and swaping in one day!

  3. A good trench. I found a great London Fog trench yesterday while thrifting, but the fit was a little the search continues!!!

  4. I found this amazing mullet hem dress (I'm actually wearing it right now!). I've been wanting to play with different hem lengths and I love the way skirts and dresses look when they're longer in the back. The way they flow is just so lovely. I wasn't even thrifting with the intention of finding this trend, but then I found this perfect gray dress with a longer-in-the-back-shorter-in-the-front hem line. It has great darting and fits like a dream. The best part? I checked the tag.....Vera Wang!!! 10 bucks! Total score!

  5. I love your clutch!! xx

  6. I want to thrift but I don't think my town has much selection! I bought a pair of bright pants at H&M while on vacation, and they were definitely one of my favourite buys! I think I need another pair haha. Great post!

  7. Hey, I know that girl with the leather shorts. LOL.

    I am also looking for colored pants and a cape! I need to take off work early one Thursday and hit up B&R...

  8. You are so right! Why not try and find it for the low! I'm searching for floor length cardigans still! I have found countless wideleg/palazzos!

  9. JeimysfashionloveaffairSeptember 19, 2012 at 3:40 AM

    first of I must say your blog is amazing your sense of style  is to die for new follower for sure... and also Im real big on thrifting and I find the greatest pieces I say Yayyyy on Thrifting for sure !!!

  10. Can't wait to see your finds!  I scored a great pair of loafers (Ferragamo-$10).  I have really small feet (5 1/2) so as a new thrifter I am hunting for shoes.  For fall I am searching for blazers.  I am hoping to find a great one like the H&M is advertising with the elbow patches. Great post

  11. I'm def loving the leather for Fall as well and totally agree the shorts are a great alternative to the skirt!!! :)

  12. Love the leather shorts but I'd get crazy looks here in South Florida. But I can do some colored pants in a few colors. Found a gorg peach pair thrifitng earlier this year that I've yet to wear.

  13. My main goal recently was to enter a thrift store and find as many trendy items as possible. I scored 3 midi skirts (one of which is leopard), a lace jacket and a light pink sheer cropped blouse. 



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