Save The Date: I Love Thrifting Day 2012 is July 7

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mr. Goodwill Hunting and Two Stylish Kays
This weekend I had the pleasure of being one of the co-hosts of Mr. Goodwill Hunting's Launch Party for I Love Thrifting Day 2012. 

On Friday, we started the celebration at Goodwill Perimeter. Mr. GWH hosted an intimate style chat with shoppers. He shopped the store for pieces that were placed on a separate rack for customers to shop his choices.

 Atlanta Stylist, Virtuous Styls and Mr. GWH had an intense chat about thrifting for menswear.

Another Atlanta thrifting diva, Fly Won also joined us for the evening.

On Saturday, we headed over to B&R Thrift Store for the Launch Party & Fashion Show.

The managers and staff of B & R always surprised us with their runway decor!

We took a moment to welcome and thank our attendees for joining us for the event.

Before the fashion show, Fly Won won an I Love Thrifting T-Shirt  and.....

La Lynns also won an I Love Thrifting T-Shirt. 

Want one? You can order your t-shirt  HERE. I missed the actual announcement, but 
I Love Thrifting Day 2012 is Saturday, July 7, 2012. If you are in the Atlanta area, Virtuous Styls and I we will host a chartered bus tour of our favorite thrift store spots!! Details coming soon!

Below are a few pictures from the fashion show.

Fashion Without Guilt wearing bright colored denim with a classic button down top.

The Little Black Dress is taken up a notch when paired with these hot pink suede booties.

The men showed styles ranging from casual to.....

....semi-formal. This was one of my favorite looks. 

The fashion show stylists walked the runway too. The gentlemen in the back are the Rebel Society . I can't wait to collaborate with them in the Spring for our next fashion show.

Here is better picture of the styling team. Mr. GWH joined us for the finale shot too!! 

Our team of models and stylists worked really hard to pull of this fashion show. So please click HERE to see more pictures from the runway show!! 

Will you celebrate I Love Thrifting Day in your city?

Whould you like to comment?

  1. Looks like it was so much fun! Wish I could've made it.

  2. Can't wait for that!!! Wish I could've made it!

  3. Awesome post :)) this was truly a great event.

  4. @Right_ClickSave you would have enjoyed it...we will do it again soon!

  5. @funkyjade_MUA we are hosting a chartered tour for be sure to save the date!!

  6. Hey Kay,,, this looked like so much fun!  We will definitely participate in the 2012 thrifting event.  The runway was cute too.

  7. this looks like such a fun event! congrats on the event!

  8. How cool is this!? love it!

  9. This is just pretty awesome. I like the idea of "I Love Thrifting Day 2012". Too bad it's in ATL. :o(

  10. Oh no!! Its a national can get a group of friend together & celebrate I Love Thrifting Day in your area.

  11. Oh goodness. I pretty much glossed over your ending question 'Will you celebrate "I Love Thrifting Day" in your city?' Whoops. lolol. I will definitely celebrate it here in the DC area.  

  12. No problem! If you need ideas on how to celebrate be sure to contact Mr. Goodwill Hunting. He does suggest ordering the official I <3 Thrifting T-shirt to show your support. Then gather a few friends and shop the thrift stores in your area. They may even offer special discounts if you contact them in advance and let them know you are coming by to celebrate.

  13. I had so much walking and participating in all of your shows. I can't wait to see you at the top. I see everyone is loving the pink pants and the biege suit. Hold that suit and dress for me. :)

  14. I should have been there, thrisfting away, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    No thrift shops in Spain, aaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  15. looks like so much fun and the models are rocking it out! :)

  16. It is so nice to meet other thrift store loving bloggers like myself!  This looks like such a fun event! I do events for Volunteers of America Thrift Stores and Goodwill in the Columbus, Ohio area and write a blog called Thrift and Shout! Love your blog and your style!

    Lindsey Turner

  17. I just visited a new store, Sack's Thrift Avenue, for the first time recently!  I love the treasure hunt!