SWAPNISTA Little Rock Fashion Swap Party Recap

Friday, June 15, 2012

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Last weekend, I had the pleasure of hosting Swapnista Fashion Swap Party in Little Rock.  Project Runway alum Korto Momolu graciously opened up her design studio for our intimate affair.

My Little Rock coordinator Michelle Smith, worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure Swapnista was a success!

Swag bag sponsor, Jade of SoJaded Makeup provided make-up samples for our attendees. 

We Love Colors was also a swag bag sponsor. They provided leggings for our attendees.

The lovely necklace I am wearing was formally owned by Accessory Designer Marlo Carter. Yes I got my swap on before the entire group. The necklace made my outfit pop.

Below are the Little Rock Bloggers who participated in the Style Wars Challenge
Mandi of Sassy Fit Mom
Starr of A Blossom is a Thought
Tracee of I Heart T Knight
Our team is busy organizing the Swap Boutique with all the new-to-you fashion donated by our attendees.

The ladies wait patiently for the fashion swap to begin.

Ready! Set! Go! The Swap Boutique is open for swapping! The ladies selected up to three items during the first round of the swap.

During the second round, which we call the free for all, the ladies can take as many items as they like.

Happy swappers showing their Swap Finds!!

I had such an amazing time bringing Swapnista to Little Rock! We will be back in August to  launch our fall tour! If you would like me to bring Swapnista to your area, shoot me an email or comment below.

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  1. Lovely recap of the event--makes me relive the moment. The best event I've ever been to--can't wait to swap again.. I've already got some stuff in mind to bring! Thanks for bringing the event to Little Rock!


  2. I would love to see an event like this in the Portland area! I've been trying to find a good swap here for years now and so far they've all been complete duds.

    That purple dress is so awesome! And you're right, the necklace really does make the whole thing pop.

  3. Aw! This event looks like it was sooo much fun. I never saw any cool events like these while I was there...I miss Arkansas! <3 And i love Korto Momolu
    Great Job!

  4. Thank you! Yes we had such a great time...planning to do it again in August!!

  5. Yes...Swapnista in Portland!!! Shoot me an email let's discuss it and see if we can make it happen. Thanks for the compliments too...I am working on my accessories wardrobe! It is non-existent LOL

  6. @thesassyfitmom yes I am enjoying being able to bring @swapnista to different cities! Thanks so much for joining us!!