Fabuless Thrifter: Style Spot Run

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Her Fabuless Outfit: Swimsuit- Vintage ($3.99)/ Hat- Vintage ($4.99)/ Accessories- Earrings (.99) and Bangle Set ($4)
This week's Fabuless Thrifter is Style Spot Run. Based in Brooklyn, she inspires readers with keen sense of style and inspirational thrifted looks. "This is my most recent beach outfit and I have to say I never thought I would thrift a swimsuit," she said. "Never say never at a thrift store"

Where is your favorite place to thrift?
My favorite Thrift Stores are definitely Sal’s Boutique (Salvation Army) or Goodwill! I also love a good Midwest St. Vincent De Paul. Wherever I live, I stake out one or two convenient locations and frequent each as much as I can. My home away from home.

How long have you been thrifting?
Originally from the Midwest, shopping at garage sales was one of my favorite pastimes growing up. It was in college that I began to visit thrift stores frequently and after college when I had my first salaried job I became obsessed.

What's the most exciting thing about thrift shopping?
The endless possibilities! There is not a preset style, you are the style curator! Of course it is the thrill of the hunt that keeps me going back.

What's your most "fabuless" find?
My most fabuless find is definitely a 100% silk drop-waist sheer panel Chloe dress for $4.99 in cream. I'm saving it for my wedding...or my 30th birthday, whichever comes first!

What do you think about her Fabuless Look?
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  1. That vintage swimsuit is everything!

  2. I need this look today! Heading to the beach now!