Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Viewing Party

Thursday, August 30, 2012

What I Wore: Tunic- Arc & Co (gift from my stepmom; similar Buy HERE)/Disco Pants- Dungarees (B & R Thrift Store; similar Buy HERE) /Shoes- Calvin Klein (Dillard's)

The Blog Fab Fashionistas had the pleasure of hosting the social media suite at the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion viewing party. The event was hosted by Tha Real Momma Dee at Studio Couture, a chic boutique right behind Frank Ski's Restaurant in the heart of Downtown Atlanta.

I admit that I am not a big fan of this type of reality show. I can count the number of episodes I watched on one hand. But after watching this reunion show, I can't wait for the next season.  

Blog Fab Fashionistas 
As you can see, we were busy providing live social media commentary for the event. Check out the hashtag #andinthatorder on instagram or click HERE for all of our highlights. Click HERE to browse our pictures.

Below are a few pictures I captured.

Single Ladies actor and Model J. Moreen 

Momma Dee, Lil Scrappy and Neffie

My outfit of the day: Sheer Snakeskin Print Tunic and Black Disco Pants. I chose something chic and sexy for the evening.

When wearing a sheer blouse, especially one that is printed, I prefer wearing a bra (or cami) that is a close match to my skin tone. 

That way I have the necessary coverage without competing with the print. I also like that it makes people wonder if I am wearing any coverage at all. Yes, I had someone bold enough to ask!!

What do you think of the sheer trend? What is your style rule when you wear sheer? I would also like to your thoughts about the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta show!! Are you a fan or a foe?

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  1. I said I'd stop lurking on your blog. This sounds like it was too much fun! I mentioned you in my BLM recap on my blog today, just fyi.

  2. Alright Diva! You look darling and the out fit is haute! Tastefully SoSo

  3. Looks like a lot of fun, even though that show is kind of beyond me right

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    Life in Style

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