How to do a Wardrobe Audit + Shop My Closet Sale

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

After taking an honest look at my wardrobe, I realized that I needed to do a wardrobe audit. So over the holiday weekend, I began purging my closet.  When is it the right time to perform a wardrobe audit?  If you can answer 'yes' to any of the following questions, then it’s time to purge your closet.
  • Is your closet a gallery of your mix matched items?
  • Do you have clothes with tags that you haven’t worn? 
  • Do you take longer than usual to put an outfit together?

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

(1) Invite one of your trusted friends to assist you, especially one whose style you absolutely love. Or hire a personal stylist. (Click HERE for my shameless plug)

(2) Go through your closet and assess your clothing. Keep the items you definitely want hung up and separate the rest into two piles, a "no" pile and a "maybe" pile.

(3) The "no" pile should be clothing not worn in the past year. If these items have sentimental value, put away in a storage tote and store them away. Other items can be donated to charity or save for a fashion swap.

(4) Now go through the “maybe” pile. This is where your trusted friend is invaluable. Try on each piece and only keep items that you can wear immediately. No excuses, like I will lose weight etc. Any items that need to altered should be brought to seamstress ASAP.

(5) Change out any mismatched hangers. Having the same looking hangers give your closet a nice uniform look. Your closet will be organized and more user-friendly.

(6) Lastly, organize your closet. I suggest organizing by three categories: career, casual and evening wear. Then organize by color. Trust me, this will make getting ready so much easier. 

After following these tips, go through your closet again. You now have made space in your closet. If necessary, you can make a nice shopping list of items that you need to update or refresh your wardrobe.

So using this same advice and techniques, I separated the items I longer wanted into two piles: a ‘no’ pile and ‘maybe’ piles. But I added one more pile, the "sell" pile: a pile especially for my wonderful readers who would love to shop my closet! A few are pieces that I have featured on the blog. Below are some items up for grabs. 

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  1. I started doing this last night! I got overwhelmed :(. Thanks for the tips. I will incorporate them when I continue this weekend.

  2. @Tia Harmon yes it can be exhausting...but so worth it!! I am glad my tips helped.

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