Last Minute Stylish Halloween Costumes

Saturday, October 25, 2014

I still can not believe that Halloween is less than a week away! Do you know what you are wearing? Honestly, I am not a die hard fan of the Halloween season, but I do participate in our company dress up contest. I do not like the traditional scary Halloween themed costumes, but instead prefer a more stylish pretty costume. The first place I shop and get my inspiration is in my closet. Below are a few looks that you too can discover from pieces that you already own.
1. Olivia Pope in Scandal: Wear your favorite pair of slacks, styled with a cape and long leather gloves or a trench coat and channel your inner Kerry Washington.

2. Beauty Pageant Contestants (Appearance Wear): We all have a sash and a tiara from our pageant days right? Just style it with a very trendy cocktail dress and voila you are ready to compete for the national or state title. This makes a great group costume too!

3. Beauty Pageant Contestants (Evening Wear): Same as above, but you would style your sash and tiara with an evening gown. This is the perfect opportunity to wear that prom dress or bridesmaid dress you have stashed in the back of your closet.

4. Beyonce in Flawless: Show them you are FLAWLESS! Style your flannel shirt with your cut off shorts, chunky necklace and ankle boots.  

Need some more ideas? Click HERE or HERE
Which costume is your favorite?

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