Monday, December 2, 2019

IT'S OK TO LEAVE THE THRIFT STORE EMPTY HANDED!The joy of thrift shopping is being able to find items that you love at a good deal. You will have your good days and you will have some bad days.

The good days are when you find so many items it is hard to decide which ones will make the ultimate cut. But the bad days are when you go and do not find anything worth even trying on.

Trust me it happens to all of us, the thrift veterans and the newbies too. However, that should not leave you disappointed! It is OK to leave the thrift store empty handed.

Some thrift shoppers, especially newbies, define thrift shopping success as leaving with a bag of stuff. They buy things just because they are on sale or "it's only a dollar". After a 
while your closet will be filled up with stuff you do not love.

Do not ever feel that you have to buy something to validate your thrift shopping trip. Don't ever think that it was a waste of time, just because you did not buy something. Just know that you can go thrift shopping another day! The main thing you do not want to do is to waste money buying items you have no use for.

How do you feel when you go thrift shopping and leave the store Empty Handed?

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