Closet Purge: 14 Day Closet Purge Challenge

Saturday, March 28, 2020

I know how much we love to thrift and save, but some of us may have too much stuff and it’s taking over our closet. Since we are living the #quarantinelife, it's a great time to start organizing our closets, simplify our lives and do some purging.

To help you clear your closets clutter, I am hosting a 14-Day Closet Purge Challenge. Each day, I will post a prompt and you should spend no more than 30 minutes to purge that item from your closet.

The purpose of this series is to purge a little at a time. It can be overwhelming to purge all at once but by allocating a least 30 minutes to your schedule each day, you will see a huge difference by day 14.

The 14-Day Closet Purge Challenge will begin on Wednesday, April 1st. You can click link in bio to join our Facebook group or view my IG stories for the daily purge task. When you create your purge pile, take a picture and use hashtag #14DayClosetPurge so we can celebrate each other's success!

To prepare yourself for the 14-day purge challenge, gather a few sorting bins or bags for the items you are not going to keep. Label each bin with a sign, ie. Trash, Sell, Give and Donate.

This allows you to have a plan to remove the purged items.

Are you joining the challenge? If YES, comment PURGE below. If NO, tag someone who should be taking part in this challenge. The more the merrier!

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