What I Wore: How To Style Mixed Prints

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

I always enjoy breaking the so called fashion rules, like no white after Labor Day. But mixing prints is truly one rule that some are still very hesitant about doing. This is how you can style mixed prints effortlessly.

The very safe prints to wear together are: stripes and polka dots, animal print and stripes, and floral and stripes. I consider stripes as a true neutral when wearing mixed prints. You can pair it with just about anything and your look will be on point! When you think of mixing prints, the first thought is that it must be two very different patterns. But if it's your first time trying this style, you should ease into it and select the same pattern. I promise it always works and you will look effortless.  Also try mixing a darker print with a lighter print. Keeping in mind that the focus is not so much about the prints but also the colors of the prints too. Always consider the colors complement each other. 

As I mentioned, I consider stripes as a true neutral. So I decided to stick with that theme and mix stripes with stripes. My Vince Camuto Accordion Stripe Pleated Skirt is one of my favorite skirts because I can style it with any print. I scored it from Goodwill several years ago. The yellow and black striped blouse is a vintage piece that I purchased from Cents of Style. I bought it with the intention of making it one of my staple pieces to use when I mix prints. I paired it with a pair of clear slingback heels that were upcycled by the Talia of the The High-Low Fashionista. She blinged out these clear shoes with black crystals.

How do you style mixed prints? Do you have a formula? 

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