So Stylish: Ashaine Briscoe

Monday, November 28, 2011

This week's So Stylish Spotlight is Ashaine Briscoe of Ashaine Briscoe Inc. located in Atlanta, GA. Ashaine has been in the fashion industry for many years working as a wardrobe stylist, makeup artist and accessories designer. I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Blogging and Beauty event at J.Mont Studios. She contacted me recently to share some exciting news about her new role in the movie industry, and I am so excited to bring the interview to you first.

Here's our interview:

Tell us about Ashaine Briscoe?
Ashaine Briscoe is All Things Glam. My strong desire to create and share and my natural ability to fascinate people upon first impression is what began my brand. As The Glam Goddess, I have been able to package all of my talents to create a line of accessories and provide services as a make-up artist and a wardrobe stylist.

How does it feel that you are now adding writer, producer and director to your brand?
PHENOMENAL!!!  I've always secretly desired to write and direct movies, but I convinced myself it was so far-fetched that I wouldn't even allow my mind to exercise the thought. But I always knew when the time was right, I could do it. I credit my years of experience as a wardrobe stylist and make-up artist because it let me learn first-hand how to visualize & direct every aspect. I not only know what I want to see, but I know how to clearly communicate my vision, as well as instruct my crew on how to achieve it.

What inspired the storyline for your movie Roadside Assistance?
The storyline was built around the characters first. For example, Nick’s character was based upon my experience working in the fashion industry with tons of male models. And Ava’s character was based upon my interaction with women in different social settings. Both characters maintain a facade opposite from who they are and what you can see.

What do you hope your audience will walk away with after watching your movie?
I want the audience to walk away with four things: to realize that things aren’t always what they seem; a good laugh; a conversation starter and an issue to dissect and become enlightened about.

What was more exciting- filming the movie or seeing the finished product?
This is a tricky question. I would say both. The challenges that come with filming had my adrenaline pumping and energy levels sky high. It was a great feeling, almost like that of an athlete. Then the finished product had me feeling accomplished, proud and invincible. Especially speechless, like that of a mother of four and all four children are extremely successful citizens

Do you have any advice for women who want to enter into the movie industry?
My advice would be to find people in the industry and work with them in any capacity. Also be consistent because consistency is the key! Lastly, divorce all excuses and re-marry determination.

What is the release date for Roadside Assistance? What should we expect in the future from Ashaine Briscoe?
Roadside Assistance will be released by February 2012. Make sure you go out and watch it.
Click on video below to hear from Ashaine Briscoe as she talks about what we should expect from her in the future.

I love it when our ladies are doing big things! It inspires me to move forward and work on my goals, because with hard work and determination they will be accomplished. What is last thing you have checked off your bucket list?

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