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Monday, May 28, 2012

Brittany Manson of G.U.M. Productions

This week's So Stylish Spotlight is on Brittany Manson of G.U.M. Productions. I confess that I am a serial entrepreneur and the only way that can manage my multiple businesses is through the services that she provides. One of my favorite services that she recently provided for me was live Social Media Commentary at SWAPNISTA Atlanta. She gave my social network moment to moment updates, pictures of the event and engaged in dialogue. She actually went over the daily tweet limit and was put in twitter timeout. That is how hard she goes in for her clients! I hope you enjoy our interview below!

What is GUM Productions?
G.U.M. Productions is a multi-faceted company providing services to small businesses and individuals that generate an increase of activity, productivity, sales, and exposure through social media management, freelance writing, and event coordinating.

What inspired you start your business?
After being laid off from my job, I immediately started looking for other jobs similar to the one I had. I felt like I was going through the motions so I started to contemplate going into business for myself. Every aspect of my business was something I had been doing on my own already. "If you can do something for free and still be encouraged to do it, that might be your calling."

I consulted a lot of friends and family on the decision and everyone was very supportive and behind me 100%. The day I finally decided, something inside me said "Do it" and that was it. A few hours later, I got a text from a very good friend asking when I was going to start my business because they're ready to be my first client. And the rest is history!

Who is your target client?
Small businesses or individuals that are trying to grow and gain more exposure through social media updates, launch parties, impeccable writeups on your brand/business, etc. I'm also targeting individuals that are looking to attend or host quality events around the city that are still cost efficient.
What sets you apart from your competitors?
Our name says it all--At G.U.M Productions, We're Giving.U.More than what most competitors are giving. The services that you find here, you'd have to look to several different businesses to find. We can create a package that's suitable to your needs as well as your budget. 

What's popping at GUM Productions? 
We have a few signature events and services that we offer at G.U.M. Productions. For the events, one of our most popular is Hidden Agenda: Life's Ulterior Motive.

Hidden Agenda is a scavenger hunt where individuals are given a list and have to find the items on the list from the people of the opposite sex in the room in the time given. 

Whoever finds the most (and can prove what they found) gets a Hidden Agenda gift bag. This event can be customized for whatever type of crowd that's attending: Networking professionals, Singles, Couples, etc.

Our newest signature event is Sip and Shoot: The Photoshoot Day Party. Attendees can purchase various photo packages, as well as services such as styling and makeup. 

They'll then be given the star studded treatment with their very own celebrity style photo shoot equipped with music, wine, and light refreshments.

Be sure to connect with G.U.M. Productions on Facebook and Twitter for all of your small business's social exposure and branding needs.

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